Twin sisters, Bec and Lizzie, do everything together. That is, until Bec gets sick and has to miss the school hiking trip – the Odyssey. While Lizzie and her classmates are away, the world is watching the Apollo 13 space mission. As the days unfold, these two events strangely begin to follow a similar path and the Odyssey group find themselves in a battle for survival. Is there a cosmic connection between the Apollo 13 mission and the Odyssey? Or is the connection between Bec and Lizzie? Odyssey explores the bonds between siblings and friendships.

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Price $10.95
ISBN 9781741205077
Series Deep End: Levelled Reading
Author Gould, Sally
Illustrator Argent, Leanne
Format Paperback
Text Type Narrative - Historical Fiction
Reading Level Level 31
Classification Fiction
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Release Date January 24, 2011