Rome sweet Rome: ancient history


Rome Sweet Rome takes you back two thousand years to a time when powdered mouse brains were used for toothpaste. Ancient Rome may have been smelly, but the Romans sure knew how to build arches and great public buildings. In this book you will learn what it was like to be a kid in ancient Rome. You will also learn the good (and bad) aspects of life as an emperor, a merchant, a vestal virgin and a slave. You may even learn some Latin, et cetera.

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Price $12.95
ISBN 9781741203462
Series Deep End: Levelled Reading
Author McDougall, Jill
Illustrator Dall, Richard
Themes , ,
Format Paperback
Text Type Discussion, Description (factual), Quiz, Biography
Reading Level level 28
Classification Nonfiction
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Release Date October 15, 2007