Word History: Emoji 🤯

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Emoticons, the use of certain punctuation marks (points, dashes) to represent expressions, were used in the 1800s in Morse code and, later, in handwritten letters or notes. Around the 1970s they were used in teletype machines and letters and then in computer text. In the 1990s, the facial expressions appeared sideways reading left to right. ( : – ) : – ( ; – o). By 1994 the word emoticon (emot (emotion) + ‘icon’) was being used. In 2008, these typed icons were developed in Japan as pictorial character images. The word emoji (Japanese e ‘picture’ + moji ‘character’) was coined in 1999. Now they are freely available in colour in a wide range of expressions for use in various forms of electronic communication devices. 😊 😢 🤪 🥰

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