WINGS Phonics Decodables

Decodable readers from Australian authors and illustrators.

Three things that make WINGS Phonics Decodable different

1. Text and illustration quality

The WINGS focus is also on making reading a pleasure with:
  • Quirky tales that amuse and engage
  • Innovative illustrations that inspire

  • 2. Pedagogy

  • Practise of letter sounds and staged memory words
  • Practise activities for comprehension and phonological awareness
  • Simple instructional guidelines

  • 3. Letter differentiation

    Many common typefaces are an unnecessary hurdle for early learners.
    WINGS phonics created a new typeface that differentiates confusing letters.

    Take a look inside Decodables 1.0


    Bad Bub


    Take a look inside Decodables 2.0

    Off to Bed

    Goat in a Boat

    The Surf