WINGS Phonics

Building confident young readers in 2017

Why choose WINGS Phonics?

Not all students learn the same way. That’s why WINGS Phonics takes a balanced approach to learning. It empowers students to read with confidence by balancing both analytic and synthetic phonics teaching practices for wider accessibility.
It is as simple as Hear, Say, Play and Do!

More about WINGS Phonics

  • Recognise and name all upper and lower case letters
  • Recognise the sounds of individual letters in different positions within words
  • Practise consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) and onset + rime word families
  • Blend sounds with familiar vocabulary
  • Enjoy decodable and predictable texts for phrasing and fluency
  • Recognise regular & irregular high-frequency words
  • Listen to and read the books online. See Readalong for details

Take a look inside

Building on the trusted WINGS brand, WINGS Phonics introduces new stories, characters and some familiar faces.

Brave Bob

Grandma’s Garden

Jolly Jumping Bugs

The King’s Kilt

A Very Heavy Box

Ready Yoyo, Go

Getting the ABCs right!

Many common modern typefaces are an unnecessary hurdle for early learners. WINGS phonics took this opportunity to create a new typeface that differentiates confusing letters.