WINGS Mathematics

Making the vocabulary of mathematics accessible

Why Choose WINGS Mathematics?

WINGS Mathematics was created to help students understand the language of mathematics and the concepts expressed in that language.

By building an appropriate vocabulary before standardised testing and focusing on the meanings of mathematical words and symbols, students are better able to interpret test questions.

This approach was created with professional feedback, to produce print and digital texts that use storytelling, visuals and exploration of concepts that students can apply in the real world. Comic books also allow for role-play with terms and problems. By improving mathematical literacy we give students tools and know-how to move forward with confidence.

Professional feedback

Numerous specialist teachers gave us insights into modern teaching practices with cross-curriculum learning. This allowed us to develop contextually-based early learning materials that approach mathematics differently by:

  • Addressing early mathematical literacy
  • Building understanding of mathematical vocabulary
  • Providing tools to identify and solve mathematical problems
  • Creating a resource that won’t break limited budgets

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How Many

Lunchbox Mystery

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Minus a Muffin

Too Many

Lots of Boxes