Traditional Tales Online

Traditional Tales Online brings you a selection of time-honoured stories from Era Publications.

Once upon a time online!

Experience your old favourites again in a new interactive format.

  • Ideal for helping to motivate children to read
  • Works just like a real book with page turns
  • Introduces children to classic tales from around the world
  • Perfect for shared reading
  • Delightfully illustrated stories for readers of all levels
  • Ideal for children from 3 to 8 years

Traditional Tales Online has it all!

Click on the button to start reading, and hear the book read aloud.

Turn the pages, just like a real book! Children can watch the book in slideshow mode or read at their own pace.

Create your own tale in Tell-a-tale.

Check it out!

Visit in2era.com.au to view one full title from the series!