Step Beyond

Read, write, publish, perform!

Read, write, publish, perform!

Step Beyond™ is a series of English and language text books for children from junior to upper primary. Create successful readers, writers and communicators with the Step Beyond™ series.

More about Step Beyond™

  • English A for junior primary and levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 for primary students
  • Student book and teacher guide available at each level
  • Each book allows children to read a sample, write their own, publish it and perform to an audience
  • Develops writing skills
  • Explores literal, inferential, creative and critical comprehension
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Improves spelling and grammar
  • Develops speaking/publication skills
  • Includes hints on fluency and expression
  • Perfect for class, small group or individual activities
  • Ideal for one-teacher schools or multi-level classes
  • Offers a full-year program of language study covering all text types
  • Accompanying picture cards and disks also available

Take a look inside

Take a peek at what’s inside these Step Beyond titles. Visit the Product page for each book for more detailed information and extended previews.

Step Beyond English A Student Book

Step Beyond English A Teacher Guide