Era Science

Shortlisted in the 2016 Educational Publishing Australia Awards.
K-4 Biological, Chemical, Earth & Space and Physical Science.

Why choose Era Science?

Students will explore ideas, employ scientific procedures and get their hands dirty with experiments and insightful activities collecting, analysing and interpreting data. Materials in this series are linked to the Australian National Curriculum so you get the appropriate methodology and content for your needs!

Thinking differently!

See the excitement as students develop an understanding of key scientific concepts and processes in biological, chemical, earth & space and physical sciences. This experience allows students to communicate scientific understanding using evidence-based solutions.

Push and Pull

hands on activities

Soft or Hard?

sorting and recording

Changing Seasons

presenting results

Will it Stretch?

testing ideas

What Can We Grow?

analysis and discussion

It’s Rocket Science

fun projects

What Will Roll?

predicting outcomes

Weather Watchers

real world application

Heat on the Move

instructional procedures

Era Science for educators

Build a science program that will engage your students with helpful tips and classroom strategies.
Each student activity is differentiated with 5 levels of complexity, so everyone can be on topic.







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