Era Phonics Decodables

Winner of the 2021 Educational Publishing Awards Australia
Student Resource, English

What is the Era Books difference?

The series focus is on foundational skills for phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Guided instruction gives you the ability to make sure that young readers progress fluently as confident learners.

1. Text and illustration quality

The Era Books focus is all about making reading a pleasure with:
  • Quirky tales that amuse and engage
  • Innovative illustrations that inspire and extend with visual subplots
  • 2. Pedagogy & sequence research

    Phonics sequencing and research provided by Dr Susan Hill.
  • Practice letter sounds and staged high-frequency words
  • Practice activities for comprehension and phonological awareness
  • Simple instructional guidelines for decoding words

    3. Look inside

    Simple, clear and modern take-home readers.
    Pip and Nip (1.0)

    Tip, Tap, Top (1.1)

    The King Sings (2.0)
    From the Dark (3.0)

    Snow and His Bone (4.0)

    In book instructions

    4. Find what you need

  • Start with our decodable consonants and short-vowel sounds in 1.0.
  • Extend with longer consonants and short-vowel stories in 1.1.
  • Then introduce the first consonant-digraph sounds in 2.0.
  • Continue with long-vowel diphthongs and r-controlled sounds in 3.0.
  • Finish with r-controlled & silent e, long-vowels and soft sounds in 4.0.

  • Available now

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    • Decodables 1.0 (10 books)

      Era Phonics Decodables | Complete Set

      Start with our decodable short-vowel sounds.

      Price: $85.95

    • Decodables 1.1 (10 books)

      Era Phonics Decodables | Complete Set

      Extend with more common consonant and short-vowel sounds. Longer stories, additional vocabulary and high-frequency words.

      Price: $85.95

    • Decodables 2.0 (10 books)

      Era Phonics Decodables | Complete Set

      Introduce the first digraph consonant sounds.

      Price: $85.95

    • Decodables 3.0 (10 books)

      Era Phonics Decodables | Complete Set

      Continue with long-vowel diphthongs and r-controlled sounds.

      Price: $85.95

    • Decodables 4.0 (10 books)

      Era Phonics Decodables | Complete Set

      Finish with r-controlled & silent e long vowels and soft sounds.

      Price: $85.95