Era Mathematics

Making the vocabulary of mathematics accessible

Why Choose Era Mathematics?

Era Mathematics was created to help students understand the language of mathematics and the concepts expressed in that language. By focusing on the meanings of words and symbols, students are better able to interpret test questions.

This approach was created with professional feedback, to produce texts that use storytelling, visuals and exploration of concepts that students can apply in the real world. Comic books also allow for role-playing with terms and problems. By improving mathematical literacy we give students tools and know-how to move forward with confidence.

Professional feedback

Numerous specialist gave us insights into modern teaching practices.
This allowed us to develop early learning materials by:

  • Addressing early mathematical literacy
  • Building understanding of mathematical vocabulary
  • Correctly modelling mathematical concepts

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How Many

Lunchbox Mystery

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Minus a Muffin

Too Many

Lots of Boxes

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  • Foundation Mathematics Comics (5 comics)

    Era Mathematics | Complete Set

    Five fun comics cover the various terms used in narrative test questions for plus, take, times, divide and equals.

    Price: $35.00

  • Foundation Mathematics Pack (12 readers)

    Era Mathematics | Complete Set

    Making vocabulary and mathematics accessible to children. 12 readers Matched to the Australian curriculum.

    Price: $99.95