Era Inquiry

Engage, investigate and report.

What is Era Inquiry?

Era Inquiry encourages children to actively ask questions about what interests them, and then engage them in investigations that they design.
This avoids the traditional practice of children passively absorbing information.

    Inquiry can be explored by:

  • Asking questions
  • Researching and investigating answers
  • Summarising and communicating outcomes


Era Inquiry: Our Solar System

By investigating our solar system, children can explore planets, moons and other objects in space, then ask questions.

  • Which planet is the biggest?
  • Can we demonstrate the greenhouse effect?
  • How can we land a rover on a Mars?

  • Give children the tools to research and report their findings and have fun with inquiry-oriented activities. Make them think about our solar system and what it might take to go beyond Earth.

    Interesting facts

    Map our solar system

    Compare data

    Observations about time

    Learn about history

    Hands-on activities

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