Company History

Era Publications is a family owned and operated business, with a long history of providing quality educational products to teachers and students in Australia and internationally.

Era Publications began in 1971 as "English Research Association" (E.R.A.), a partnership of six people based in Adelaide, South Australia. Rodney Martin was a teacher, school administrator, curriculum writer and author before beginning the publishing business. The first product published was "Formalities and Written Expression Skills" using teaching methods based on research by Rodney in his studies at the University of South Australia.

Tania, Sandra and Rod

The business came to be wholly owned by Rodney and Sandra Martin in 1977. It began operations in the tin garage of a suburban home, but grew to own commercial premises at Flinders Park, South Australia.

The company's publications have been translated into 19 languages other than English and have been distributed or published in 33 countries. In 2008 Era became an early entrant into the world of interactive books by delivering online to schools, libraries and homes via in2era.com.au. Its online works are now distributed overseas.

Jay Martin

The family team now includes the second generation with daughter, Tania, as the national sales and marketing manager.

The Martins believe that literacy is the most powerful means of improving the lives and futures of children. Era Publications is dedicated to improving literacy worldwide. Its effectiveness in achieving this has been way beyond what might be normally expected from a small publishing business. For example, Era helped East Timor develop their first school readers in the Tetun language. It was also the first publisher to have its readers translated into all three Sami dialects north of the Arctic Circle.