Krystal Davies


Krystal Davies, an inveterate illustrator since childhood when she adorned her bedroom walls, has carried her artistic passion through to a diverse, multi-platform career. Her childhood experience growing up on a rural farm in South Australia gave her the space to explore her inner world and artistically experiment with the natural environment.

After completing a ‘Bachelor of Illustration and Animation’ at The University of South Australia in 2018, she leapt into commission work with Era Publications beginning with ‘The Flying Cow’. She has since completed multiple titles with Era Publications but has also worked as a concept and sprite artist for a game developer Comet Games.

Krystal revels in the opportunity to diversify her work and create unique aesthetics for each company and writer with whom she collaborates. Her goal is to create experiences that focus on drawing in the viewer into a visual narrative, while also complimenting the written work or concept.

Krystal currently works freelance on commissions and a graphic novel in South Australia.

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