Jessica Liang


Hi! I’m Jess, an artist from Adelaide, illustrating books with my laptop and drawing tablet in tow.

While studying illustration at UniSA, I was given the chance to illustrate my first book “My Best Buddy”. The story was written by Jill McDougall and the book was published by Era Publications.

From then until now, I’ve been developing my style, always experimenting, and studying to find my ideal process. There are so many people that have been an inspiration to me, but most recently the artists Beatrice Blue, Devin Elle Kurtz and Aliya Chen have really motivated me to become better. Their works hold so much life and tell such beautiful stories, it’s something I am working my way to achieve.

I still have a long way to go, but seeing the progress I have made since the beginning of my journey makes me eager to know what will come next and how far I can go.

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