Sam Cowley


Sam Cowley has a love of drawing that has been with him thoughout his life. It has however only been recently in 2019 that he started to work full-time as an Illustrator.

His prior profession as a Registered Nurse informed his life and illustrative career in a significant way and led to a more playful, whimsical style in his work.

He first embarked on his creative journey with the creation of Little Adventurers in 2015, a small business focused on bringing art to kids through art workshops and making interactive art pieces for the local gallery from the story tree and the Wildwoods.

Completing a Bachelor of Illustration and Animation in 2019 and being the course Dux, alongside being a dad of three children is no small feat (but he was disappointed that there was no actual ‘Ducks’ that came with the award).

His first children’s book was with Era Publications and he continues to work passionately towards illustrating more books with Era. He works from his home in Williamstown, where he runs around after his amazing children, from whom he learns new and amazing ways to be creative, and also, how to get into mischief.

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