Nathan Kolic

Nathan Kolic was born and raised in the city of Port Augusta, which can be found at the top of the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. As a child, he loved drawing, animation and computers. When he finished high-school he moved to Adelaide to study ‘New Media’ at ‘The University of South Australia’. Once he completed his course, he stayed on to do honours before completing his time at university.

Nathan’s first move to becoming an illustrator, photographer and author came by answering a job ad in the paper. After a lot of interviews, he joined the production team at Era Publications as junior graphic designer. Currently, Nathan is the Art Director at Era Publications, which keeps him very busy working with all the creators, and creating many books for Era Publications.

Nathan sees that opportunities for illustrators to be recognised early in their career is really difficult. So he makes time to work with students at ‘The University of South Australia’ to give them the opportunity to be published before completing their degrees.

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