Leanne Argent

Leanne Argent was born in Cummins, South Australia in 1964, then lived in Kadina, Crystal Brook and Streaky Bay before moving to Glengowrie, Adelaide. From Christies Beach High, with encouragement from her teacher, Ms Kennedy, Leanne studied for the Commercial Art and Graphic Design Certificate from the School of Art and Craft, North Adelaide.

Leanne’s first children’s book was done with Omnibus Books in Adelaide in 1983. Since then, she has always used watercolour, self-taught by trial and error. She begins with an idea of how she would like the picture to turn out, but sometimes with watercolour it can surprise her. She uses a wet-on-wet technique, with multiple light washes and dry brush for texture and shading.

Leanne likes the thought of where a new manuscript might take her. She researches topics, especially if it is an animal, time or place she is not familiar with. This may involve going to the library, using the internet or taking photos.

Leanne has illustrated many books for Era Publications. She says: “The first layouts are done very quickly, so I can sketch all my ideas and to get an overall feeling of the book. I then develop the characters by drawing over the rough ones until they feel right.”

Apart from illustration, Leanne enjoys bird watching, walking, music, making things, Australian outback, travelling on a motorbike.

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