Gary Crew

Gary Crew was born in Brisbane, Queensland, in 1947. He attended State Schools in Brisbane, leaving school at year 10 to become a Civil and Mechanical Engineering draftsman. He worked for Consulting Engineers drawing pumps and bridges. After 10 years, he reeducated himself, taking his Masters Degree in Literature to became a High School teacher. Gary taught English for 20years, before resigning to write fiction full time.

Gary says that he was only ever good at two things, writing and drawing, but seeing little likelihood of ever having his work published or hung in an art gallery, he decided to teach. The urge to write soon became too strong and in 1984, having won a short story contest, he mustered the courage to write his first novel just to prove that he could.

Gary can no longer imagine a life without writing or the interaction he has with the illustrators who work on his books. These men and women are his best friends. His favorite picture book with Era is the award wining best seller, The Watertower, illustrated by Steven Woolman. Gary loves this book because even he is still baffled by the enigma of what it is actually about. And he wrote it!

Gary has no major influences but is till fascinated to explore the boundaries, if there are any, of the illustrated book.

Gary is Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing, at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

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