Jill McDougall


Some people plan to be a pilot when they grow up. Or a doctor. Or a hairdresser. Jill always planned to write stories, even when she was in Year One.

First, Jill became a teacher with these letters after her name - DipT, BEd, BSpecEd. Then she taught at primary and secondary schools all over Australia from Palm Island to Broome.

Jill's first book, 'Anna the Goanna' was written especially for her Aboriginal students in Central Australia. This book was made a Notable Children's Book by the Children's Book Council of Australia.

Today Jill lives in Adelaide and teaches adults and children how to improve their writing. She also visits schools to talk about her stories and she writes a lot of books for Era Publications. These books go all over the world and some go into other languages such as Spanish, Norwegian, Japanese, Mandarin and Italian.

Jill's favourite Era books are 'Trees' and 'Wetland Birds' because they show how important it is to look after our beautiful planet Earth.

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