Rodney Martin


Rodney Martin began his working career as a primary teacher. During that time he began writing educational books for publishers and eventually became a full-time writer and publisher.

Rodney's first picture book was There's a Dinosaur in the Park! He has also written many non-fiction works including The First Lunar Landing. His largest work is Martin's Writers Guide.

One of Rodney's hobbies is etymology -- the history of English words, because it reveals the interesting stories of how words came to be and how they have changed over the years in their spelling and meanings.

Apart from languages, science has also been one of Rodney's favourite interests, ever since his grade 7 teacher introduced him to the fascinating world of nature study. And now, the daughter and granddaughter of his grade 7 teacher are authors who work with him.

Rodney grew up on one of Adelaide's beaches, and he still lives near there with his family, but he travels all over the world in his work as a publisher, educator and author.

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