About Era Books

Era Books is an Australian-owned and operated educational publisher with a focus on children's literature, literacy for pre-k and junior primary.

Publishing focus


Era Books educational resources and online content has a reputation for excellence in the field of literacy and language teaching. We value our creators and consultants who put their own time and talents into every project.

  • curriculum-focused content
  • approved by educators
  • enjoyed by children

The Platypus

The platypus is truly unique amongst Australia's wildlife. This small but captivating creature looks like a mixture of many animals and their talents.

The Era Books' approach to digital and print production makes us different. We combine the skills of our creators and consultants to produce materials that educate and stimulate the imagination.

Once seen, we know we will be your favourite too!

Thinking greener

Era Books actively looks for publishing alternatives to reduce its carbon footprint. Orders are printed locally to reduce shipping and we only print to fulfil orders. This promotes jobs in our local economy and reduces waste.


Visit our product series page to learn more about our print and digital products.

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